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Primalec publishes Lubricants White Paper

ACR Lubricants White Paper

A new White Paper on AC&R  lubrication is available now

We all know that car air conditioners contain two fluids: a

refrigerant, and a lubricating oil for the compressor. We also know

that the oil needs to be miscible with the circulating refrigerant, to

provide proper lubrication throughout the system. But,

- Can I use a PAG oil with a hybrid vehicle?
- What is the difference between PAG and POE?
- What is a PAO, and why is it not approved by any of the VMs?
- Do different refrigerants need different oil types?
- How much compressor oil does a typical car need?
- Does it matter if I put in too much?
- When should the oil be changed?


This highly informative new White Paper on Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Lubricants, helps to

clear some of the fog surrounding the technology.

The White Paper explains why in future, technicians will need to be more precise about both the quantity and the quality of

refrigerant and oil in the system.


Primalec's 2015 Catalogue is now available (15th April updates)
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Get the latest info on:

Updated AC couplers and fittings section - pages 27-30

New UV light sources - 365nm and 405nm, pages  1-3

Changes to the Glo-Leak range, Pages 7-9

Nitro-Trace tracer gas leak test system - Updates, pages 11-12

Gloves and goggles in our extended PPE range, page 10

Extended A/C lubricants range, pages 17-22
Superseal Advanced, & Super Change R22 Retro kit 15-16
Windscreen repair UV lamps, page 2
SolarTemp digital thermometer, page 25
Bore & cavity Inspector, page 4
Paddy Hopkirk receives Graham Platts Award

paddyhopkirk receives grahamplatts award from jonatahnduffield-2.jpgSKIDZ Patron Paddy Hopkirk receives award for charity work

February 25, 2015:  Rally driving legend Paddy Hopkirk has received the prestigious Graham Platts award in recognition of his sterling support of motor project charity SKIDZ.

Primalec's Jonathan Duffield, Chairman of leading motor industry association IMPACT, presented the award.

Paddy is a Patron of the Buckinghamshire-based young people’s charity and he has worked tirelessly to raise awareness of SKIDZ throughout the automotive industry.

NitroTrace NitroTrace - Pressure testing for leaks

NitroTrace allows you to leak test air conditioning and refrigeration systems using pressurised tracer gas. It lets you indentify the presence  which can be for leaks using both gauges - to identify the presence of a leak, and an electronic leak sensor - to locate the source of the leak.

New Solar powered digital thermometer

ac2240s-thermom-in-vent.jpgNew Solar powered digital thermometer

- no need to renew batteries

Solar-Temp is the new solar powered digital thermometer from Primalec.

It is perfect for checking the air temperature coming from a vehicle’s A/C system.

Solar-Temp indicates temperature to within 1°C of accuracy on a clear and easy to read 1 inch screen (25mm x 12.5mm). Its 125mm (6 inch) long stainless probe is just right to fit into the air vents of any vehicle, but is equally at home measuring oils, coolants and other liquids.

Super Change for Easier R22 Retrofit

  ac2981 superchange.jpg

SUPER CHANGE makes for fast and easy change from R22, and other mineral or alkylbenzene lubricated systems, to all HFC refrigerants, including POE based R407C

and R410a.


By linking mineral and alkybenzene oils to any HFC refrigerant the need for a complete oil change and flush can be reduced or eliminated, saving much time and expense.