INFECTION Control Advent Offer

Shield your customers, your staff and yourself

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Consumer sales flyers | ‘Your vehicle has been Purified’ mirror tags
Infection Control Protocols booklet | Airco Shield Hand Sanitiser gel 500ml,
3x Airco Shield Surface Sanitiser spray 250ml | 3-can pack of Airco Breeze
3x Airco ReFresh Total | Tiltable Face Shield and spare visor

£60.00 worth of Protection FREE with each Purifier

Offer Price £236.25

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Why do I need infection control?

Because it’s now an essential service, and will continue to be after Covid-19 is over

  1. To protect your customers from air and surface borne infections now and in the future.
  2. To protect you and your staff from illness.
  3. To shield your business from the costs of staff absences, H&SE inspections, legal challenges for non-compliance with Covid-19 regulations.

Why do I need odour control?

Because vehicles accumulate bad smells all the time, often caused by germs and moulds coming out of the air vents.

  1. More odours accumulate in colder, wetter seasons.
  2. They build up out of sight in air channels, behind the dashboard and under the seats.
  3. Take away Fast food and drink, wet dogs, babies and body odour all contribute.
  4. To eliminate unpleasant effects of late-night taxi & minibus customers’ over indulgences.
  5. It’s a great added value service offering at any time.

Special Offer Promotion

Christmas 2020

£60.00 worth of Protection FREE with each Purifier

Offer valid while stock last or until 6th January 2021, whichever is sooner. Only 300 available.

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