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Providing the means to diagnose, locate and prevent fluid leakage from hydraulics, engines, cooling, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Improving quality control and making A/Cs systems cool the air faster, work better and last longer.

Primalec are UK producers of Leak Detection & Control and Air Conditioning Service Solutions for both OEM production lines and Aftermarket service. We serve Automotive, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, and various other industries. Established in 1979, we have been designing, producing and packaging specialist products in Kent for 41 years, as well as working with suppliers and customers all over the globe.

We produce ultra violet light sources, Glo-LeakR UV tracer fluids, Airco Seal™ and Seal Pro™ refrigerant leak sealants, Nitro Trace™ leak detecting gas pressure testing kits, Airco Shield™ sanitisers and ozone generators, and more. We have the capacity to custom blend, fill and package our liquids in many container sizes to suit your needs.

Glo-Leak® UV Fluid technology, first launched in 1987, is successfully used in vehicle and engine manufacturing plants, as well as by aftermarket and field service technicians.

We were Europe’s first company to specialise commercially in this area, and we supply several vehicle manufacturing plants as well as aftermarket distributors in many parts of the world.

Our ultra violet products are used to detect leaks in motor vehicle engines, cooling, fuel, hydraulic and air conditioning systems, and also to cure adhesives and resins, such as those used in vehicle windscreen repairs.

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Working with you at both OEM and aftermarket levels, we can supply directly or via Tier and 3rd party service providers. Together with our , USX2™ Ulltrasonic and Leaktronic™ electronic detectors, Glo-Leak® and Primalec UV light sources detect fluid leaks in vehicle engines, coolant, fuel and hydraulic systems, industrial machinery, construction plant, air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

Mobile air conditioning is at the core of Primalec’s Aftermarket programme. Our expertise in this technical discipline, built up over many years, makes us the natural choice for your A/C servicing needs, including refrigerant leak detection and repair, lubrication, cooling performance accelerators, vehicle cabin sanitising and purifying, system flushing, as well as many routine valves, fittings and retro-fit products.

The move to new low GWP refrigerants, which demand more care and expertise from service technicians, makes it more important than ever to use the right tools and consumables.

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